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31 Cities in 18 States, in 13 Days. Hydrogen Road Tour 08
Who's Involved

Hydrogen Road Tour Participants

Presented by

U.S. Department of Transportation
California Fuel Cell Partnership
U.S. Department of Energy
National Hydrogen Association


Arizona Public Service
Centralina Clean Cities
Connecticut Hydrogen-Fuel Cell Coalition
Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology
Center for Transportation & Environment
Land of Enchantment Clean Cities
Gateway Hyundai
Las Vegas Valley Water District
Liberty Science Center
Maine Hydrogen Energy Center
Maine Clean Communities
Massachusetts Hydrogen Coalition
Missouri University of Science & Technology
Nuvera Fuel Cells
Powertech Labs
Proton Energy Systems
The PublicGen Company
Sandia Science & Technology Park
South Carolina Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Alliance
Southern Fuel Cell Coalition
SunLine Transit
Triangle Clean Cities Coalition
United States Army
US Environmental Protection Agency
University of Delaware
Valley of the Sun Clean Cities



BMW Hydrogen Series 7
Daimler F-Cell
GM Chevy Equinox FCV
Honda FCX Clarity
Hyundai Tucson FCV
Kia Sportage FCV
Nissan X-Trail FCV
Toyota Highlander FCHV
Volkswagen Touran and Tiguan HyMotion

Mobile Fueling Stations

Air Products and Chemicals, Inc, HF-150
Linde Liquid Refueling Station

Media/Press Only:
Please Contact Kim Riddle at (202) 441-0351.